DHT & Hair loss

How DHT affects the hair

Hair loss or male pattern baldness can prove to be one of the major causes of the lack of confidence in oneself. This is especially true for women. The loss of hair is natural in both men and women. However, a healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, and regular exercise are necessary to prevent early-onset baldness. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that hormonal imbalances often cause androgenic alopecia. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is an androgen that is directly responsible for the growth of hair. Although this is a male hormone and is primarily responsible for the growth of body hair in men, yet this hormone is also responsible for the early onset of the androgenic alopecia in both men and women. DTH sometimes affects the hair in the following manner:

Excessive DTH in your system.

If you are on any hormone-related medication that increases the amount of DTH in your system, it can lead to baldness. High levels of DTH in your system will shrink the hair follicles and reduce the hair follicles' ability to remain rooted in the epidermal layer. A single hair has a life cycle of a few months. Even if you cut off your hair, it will grow back from the root. However, if you have too much DTH in your system, the hair follicles will shrink, making it difficult for your hair to remain rooted in the skin. As a result, your hair will tend to fall off before the cycle is complete. You will have to check with your doctor if you are experiencing excessive hair loss if there is too much DTH in your system. You will then have to undergo a treatment to reduce the hormone amount and reduce hair loss.

Reducing DTH in your system

One of the best methods of reducing DTH in your system is by using blockers and inhibitors. Blockers such as AR-5s can reduce the effect of the DTH, and it can prevent hair loss. However, if the DTH hormone is a part of your medication, you should consult your doctor before using DTH Blockers. If you plan to use inhibitors to reduce the effect of DTH, consider using vitamin H and vitamin B infused items in your food and liquids. Keratin is known to boost hair growth and reduce the effect of DTH. You can try incorporating a combination of biotin and keratin in your diet to help your hair re-grow.

Male pattern baldness and loss of hair are usually genetic, and you will have to evaluate whether the loss of hair you are suffering is because of any such genetic reason. In such a scenario, it might be challenging to reverse the process. However, it has often been seen that DTH plays a vital role in causing unusual hair loss other than genetics. If you feel that your hair loss is not genetic and is being caused by specific medication, you should contact your doctor and see if the process can be changed.

The key is to be proactive and not reactive when possible. Soon as you know you have a problem get to the source of it.

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