For The Love Of Braids

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Shout out to the beautiful braid lovers! For some time now, this hairstyle has been the trend for black women and can only get better.

Not only do braids look good on many ladies, may help in the hair growth process. Be that as it may, a good care routine can turn those braids into an awesome wonder.

Before you braid!

Braids protect the hair, especially in cold months. Little wonder many ladies rock this style at winter. It also helps to endure the heat that comes with summer. So... is it just about being a part of the trend or is there more to this hairstyle? How to braids on conveniently and stylishly, without having to suffer a bad testimony?

The truth is, as great as braids are, they could be harmful, if you miss out on a few tips.

Be sure not to do it immediately after relaxing your hair!

Braids truly protect both natural and relaxed hair, but getting your hair braided just after relaxing, is bad and can break hair roots. Wait for about 1-2 weeks before getting your braids on relaxed hair.

Braids shouldn't be too tight:

Not too tight doesn't mean not tight at all. (Emphasis on 'too'). Too tight braids are quite painful because they pull the scalp and cause a stress on the hair. Worse still, they result in breakage.

Protect your hair while on bed:

You heard that right. Protect your hair every time you sleep!

Always have a scarf on, when you go to bed. Scarves made out of silk/satin are preferable because their smooth texture help to maintain neat hair edges. They also prevent braids from frizzing. Satin pillowcases play similar functions. Whichever way, keep your braids from debris and curls.

Moisturize your scalp:

Just like you keep up with a regular maintenance for your hair, wearing braids shouldn't be an exception. Except you're scheming for locks, you should moisturize your scalp even with braids on. This keeps your scalp clean.

You can spray your hair, every morning,with natural oils such as coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil or even shea butter- the natural hair growth enhancer. These oils not only moisturize the scalp, they also prevent your hair from breaking and drying out.

Style carefully:

Many of us ladies, opt for braids, not only because it serves as a protective measure, but, much more because it saves us the burden of styling every morning. You just want to take a break! Styling your braids could be fun, but pulling them too much, especially when they're just few weeks old, is damaging.

Braids are tighter in the first few weeks and it is usually recommended, to keep it cool at such times. When styling your braids, be careful not to pull out too hard as the braids will not only fall out, but will also break your hair. This applies to ladies who have short hairs at their edges. Therefore, play and create with caution!

I hope these few tips help!

Happy Braiding!

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