Growth process

The hair growth process

To learn how to grow the hair properly, we must be aware of the hair growth cycle that human beings experience. I mentioned human beings as mammals, and humans do not shed hair the same way. Each person experiences the three stages of hair growth at different times. These three stages are the anagen, catagen, and telogen stage; below, we explain them so that everyone can understand. Let's go!

Growing up, grandmothers used to say that woman's hair is her crown and beauty. While I agree, I realize that the hair is much more complicated than one could see with bare eyes.

The Catagen Stage

The second stage is the Catagen period, which takes far less time than the other steps. This stage may take a maximum of three weeks; And describes the process by which the hair detaches itself from its nutrients, which is the blood supply, and stops feeding.

The Telogen Stage

The hair growth process's final step is where new hair starts springing up under the follicle, no longer feeding on the blood supply, starting the growing process again after a period of resting. This is a long period as well, but not as long as the Anagen stage. This stage takes approximately 3 to 4 months to be complete. After this stage, you will find plenty of new hair springing up.

How do you ensure maximum hair growth and length?

The answer would be to stay in the first stage of the hair growth process as long as possible. While there is no way to ensure this, eating healthy and keeping the body fit will assist you with this. Using the right natural hair products that will not stifle the growth of your hair will also help.

You would want to pay attention to your Vitamin D, Zinc, folic acid, Vitamin C, Iron (women mostly), and vitamin B12. Food to pay attention to healthy proteins such as beans, legumes, lean meats, fish, low-fat dairy products.

Overall to achieve thick, long and healthy hair, you must give your hair some grace and go through the growth processes. Now that you understand the hair growth process, you will be able to identify what is going on with your hair. Soon we will look at how to encourage growth with treatments and proper care. We will also look at how your lifestyle and health can affect your hair.

Until next time!

Have a Happy Hair Day!

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