Sealing Hair

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

A Little Bit About Sealing

The most important thing to note is brittle hair breaks! To prevent excessive dryness and breaking the hair must be sealed.

Sealing the cuticle of the hair helps the scales to lay down, close, and seal in the moisture. This happens when the hair is wet and you apply a serum or oil to the shaft. If you are wanting longer locks this will help you on your way!

The Process

Shampoo natural hair using a quality shampoo ie, paraben free, nitrate free, and moisturizing. Co-wash is also an option.

Next, use a leave-in conditioner. Make sure to distribute from root to ends. Use a vent brush, shower comb, or praying hands method to help distribute the product evenly throughout hair.

Now, Go through each section with oil. Ideal oils would be coconut oil, Argan oil, or vegetable oil to name a few. Remember to distribute evenly throughout hair,

I finish up with my Shea Butter mixture or cream of choice. This leaves my hair nice, soft, sealed, and shiny.

I have seen a variety of products used and different combinations. Such as; one method may do water, leave-in, oil, then cream, the other will do water, leave-in, cream, oil. Either way works great!

Just remember if you love your hair it will love you back.

Have a Happy Hair Day!

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