The Importance of Diet

A balanced diet could be the key to keeping your hair and skin healthy. Much time is spent believing that good nutrition can only be achieved by taking supplements daily. The truth is your diet can be so designed to include every nutrient necessary to keep your skin and hair healthy. Here are some key nutrients that you can include in your diet daily.


The hair and skin are made up of proteins. Protein is received through meat, chicken, fish, legumes (That is... peas and tofu made from soy beans), and dairy food products. Eating a diet rich in proteins of your choice daily will ensure you have healthy skin and hair.

Healthy fats

Essential fatty acids include Omega 3 (ALA, DHA, EPA, DPA), Omega-6, and mono-saturated fats (naturally present in nuts, avocado, and olive oil). Incorporating these oils naturally into your diet through the forms of salad dressing and spreads can improve your skin and hair immensely.

Vitamins and Minerals

To achieve and maintain healthy hair and glowing skin a diet rich in vitamin C (fruits such as berries and dark leafy green vegetables), D (sunlight and mushrooms), E (nuts and seeds), and beta-carotene (these are antioxidants which assist in keeping the hair and skin free from free radicals and damage) is beyond essential.

Paying specific attention to iodine (garlic and sesame seeds), zinc (nuts, seeds, and beans), and selenium are often overlooked but prove to truly nourish hair and skin. B-vitamins, iron and amino acids prevent inflamed skin and hair loss. Oats are a good whole grain source, rich in both biotin (aid in keratin development and protein).


Last but not least. Water consumption is primary in hydrating the body. Hydration encourages and aids in strong, moisturized hair strands and glowing skin free from blemishes and acne.

A good combination of nutrients and hydration will help with hair growth and glowing skin. Plan a regimen now to get growth results.

Next well will look at other factors that slow hair growth.

Have a Happy Hair Day!

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